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Articulo # E10H55, Sistema de filtro de cartucho reemplazable de doble nucleo

Unmatched Scale and Corrosion Protection
Howe offers a complete line of water treatment systems designed to extend the performance and life of your Howe Rapid Freeze ice flaker.

Filtration Technologies:
  • Removes 95% of all dirt, sediment and rust larger than 5 Micron. Protects items such as float valve, water lines & evaporator surface.
  • Reduces free chlorine to an average of 2 PPM. Improves ice quality and protects machine and bin against corrosion.
  • Inhibits the formation and build-up of calcium (Lime-scale) and provides additional corrosion protection (98% polyphosphate / 2% sodium silicate scale & corrosion inhibitor). Reduces the #1 cause of ice machine maintenance costs - SCALE.
These filters are designed to last at least a minimum of approximately 6 months, They are dual media mechanical filtration with carbon saturated fibre.

Howe water filters ensure consistent dosing over the life of the filter by trapping and holding Siliphos scale & corrosion inhibitor media in the ideal position within the water flow path of the cartridge. All Howe filter systems are constructed of NSF and/or FDA approved materials.

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23 in


8-1/2 in


28-1/2 in

Para uso con

Cartucho de repuesto No.

E10H57, Cartucho de filtro de repuesto para el sistema de filtro E10H53

Reemplazo O-anillo No.

E10H63, O-Anillo de reemplazo para alojamiento con filtro acuatico E10H54 & E10H55

Todos los sistemas de filtro Howe se construyen de NSF y FDA materiales aprovados.


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